Inland Empire

This list is not final - dates are added as they are confirmed.

Past screenings

Date Venue
Opening   Apr 8 IFC Center IFC Center
Opening   Apr 8 Laemmle Royal Laemmle Royal
Opening   Apr 14 Madison Wisconsin Film Festival
Opening   Apr 14 Wichita Tallgrass Film Center
Opening   Apr 15 Akron The Nightlight
Opening   Apr 15 Athena Cinema Athena Cinema
Opening   Apr 15 Bookhouse Cinema Bookhouse Cinema
Opening   Apr 15 CCA Cinematheque CCA Cinematheque
Opening   Apr 15 Cine Cine
Opening   Apr 15 Circle Cinema Circle Cinema
Opening   Apr 15 Film Streams' Ruth Sokolof Theater Film Streams' Ruth Sokolof Theater
Opening   Apr 15 Indianapolis Kan Kan Cinema
Opening   Apr 15 Laemmle Glendale Laemmle Glendale
Opening   Apr 15 Louisville Speed Art Museum
Opening   Apr 15 Roxie Theater Roxie Theater
Opening   Apr 15 Screenland Armour Screenland Armour
Opening   Apr 15 Sie FilmCenter Sie FilmCenter
Opening   Apr 15 The Cinematheque The Cinematheque
Opening   Apr 22 Albany Twin Albany Twin
Opening   Apr 22 Aperture Cinema Aperture Cinema
Opening   Apr 22 Cinema Detroit Cinema Detroit
Opening   Apr 22 Hillcrest Cinemas Hillcrest Cinemas
Opening   Apr 22 Laemmle Noho 7 Laemmle Noho 7
Opening   Apr 22 Landmark Plaza Frontenac Cinema Landmark Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Opening   Apr 22 Smith Rafael Film Center Smith Rafael Film Center
Opening   Apr 22 The Beacon The Beacon
Opening   Apr 28 Cleveland Cinematheque Cleveland Cinematheque
Opening   Apr 28 Rodeo Cinema Rodeo Cinema
Opening   Apr 29 Broadway Centre Cinemas Broadway Centre Cinemas
Opening   Apr 29 Broadway Metro Broadway Metro
Opening   Apr 29 Cinema 21 Cinema 21
Opening   Apr 29 Columbus Theatre Columbus Theatre
Opening   Apr 29 Historic Howell Theater Historic Howell Theater
Opening   Apr 29 Pickford Film Center Pickford Film Center
Opening   Apr 29 Princeton Princeton Garden
Opening   Apr 29 Santa Cruz Landmark Del Mar
Opening   Apr 29 Santa Monica Laemmle Monica
Opening   May 1 Amherst Cinema Amherst Cinema
Opening   May 1 Frank Banko Alehouse Cinema Frank Banko Alehouse Cinema
Opening   May 1 Metro Cinema Society Metro Cinema Society
Opening   May 1 Rio Theatre on Broadway Rio Theatre on Broadway
Opening   May 3 Alamo Drafthouse Woodbury Alamo Drafthouse Woodbury
Opening   May 3 Guild Cinema Guild Cinema
Opening   May 5 Bend Tin Pan Theater
Opening   May 5 Zinema 2 Zinema 2
Opening   May 6 Austin Austin Film Society
Opening   May 6 Brattle Theatre Brattle Theatre
Opening   May 6 Cinema du Parc Cinema du Parc
Opening   May 6 Kentucky Theatre Kentucky Theatre
Opening   May 6 Knoxville Central Cinema
Opening   May 6 Music Box Theatre Music Box Theatre
Opening   May 6 Pageant Theatre Pageant Theatre
Opening   May 6 Plaza Theatre Plaza Theatre
Opening   May 6 Ritz at the Bourse Ritz at the Bourse
Opening   May 6 Time & Space Limited/TSL Time & Space Limited/TSL
Opening   May 7 Texas Theatre Texas Theatre
Opening   May 12 Avalon Theater Avalon Theater
Opening   May 12 Capitol Theater Olympia Film Society Capitol Theater Olympia Film Society
Opening   May 12 Chapel Hill Chelsea Theater
Opening   May 13 Carolina Theatre Carolina Theatre
Opening   May 13 Enzian Theater & Cinema Café Enzian Theater & Cinema Café
Opening   May 13 Neon Movies Neon Movies
Opening   May 13 Terrace Theatre Terrace Theatre
Opening   May 14 Brooklyn Nitehawk Williamsburg
Opening   May 14 FilmScene Ped Mall FilmScene Ped Mall
Opening   May 17 Alamo Drafthouse East El Paso Alamo Drafthouse East El Paso
Opening   May 17 Alamo Drafthouse Lubbock Alamo Drafthouse Lubbock
Opening   May 17 Alamo Drafthouse Park North Alamo Drafthouse Park North
Opening   May 18 Alamo Drafthouse LaCenterra Alamo Drafthouse LaCenterra
Opening   May 18 Heights Theatre Heights Theatre
Opening   May 18 Sun-Ray Cinema Sun-Ray Cinema
Opening   May 19 Sioux Falls State Theatre
Opening   May 19 The Loft Cinema The Loft Cinema
Opening   May 20 Gateway Film Center Gateway Film Center
Opening   May 20 Los Angeles Lumiere Music Hall
Opening   May 20 Tempe Majestic Tempe
Opening   May 20 The Revue Cinema The Revue Cinema
Opening   May 21 Bytowne Cinema Bytowne Cinema
Opening   May 22 The Broad Theater The Broad Theater
Opening   May 27 Apollo Cinema Apollo Cinema
Opening   May 27 Little Theatres Little Theatres
Opening   May 27 Portland Portland Museum of Art
Opening   May 27 The Belcourt Theatre The Belcourt Theatre
Opening   Jun 3 Grand Cinema Grand Cinema
Opening   Jun 3 North Park Theatre North Park Theatre
Opening   Jun 4 Coral Gables Art Cinema Coral Gables Art Cinema
Opening   Jun 10 Esquire 6 Theatre Esquire 6 Theatre
Opening   Jun 10 Missoula Roxy Theater
Opening   Jun 10 Playhouse Cinema Playhouse Cinema
Opening   Jun 10 Princess Cinema Princess Cinema
Opening   Jun 10 Row House Cinema Row House Cinema
Opening   Jun 17 Cinema Arts Centre Cinema Arts Centre
Opening   Jun 17 Mariemont 3 Theatre Mariemont 3 Theatre
Opening   Jun 23 Memphis Crosstown Arts
Opening   Jun 24 Syndicated Syndicated
Opening   Jun 25 Fox Theatre Fox Theatre
Opening   Jun 26 Santa Monica American Cinematheque Aero
Opening   Jun 30 Houston MFA Houston
Opening   Jul 1 Winnipeg Winnipeg Film Group
Opening   Jul 6 Alamo Drafthouse Woodbridge Alamo Drafthouse Woodbridge
Opening   Jul 6 Ashburn Alamo Drafhouse One Loudoun
Opening   Jul 6 Washington Alamo Drafthouse DC Bryant Street
Opening   Jul 9 Oklahoma City Museum of Art Oklahoma City Museum of Art
Opening   Jul 22 AFI Silver Theatre Cultural Center AFI Silver Theatre Cultural Center
Opening   Jul 22 The Frida Cinema The Frida Cinema
Opening   Jul 29 Violet Crown Charlottesville Violet Crown Charlottesville
Opening   Jul 29 Violet Crown Cinemas Santa Fe Violet Crown Cinemas Santa Fe
Opening   Aug 6 The Charles Theater The Charles Theater
Opening   Aug 11 Bryn Mawr Film Institute Bryn Mawr Film Institute
Opening   Aug 19 Alamo Drafthouse New Mission Alamo Drafthouse New Mission
Opening   Aug 19 Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake
Opening   Aug 19 Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar
Opening   Aug 19 Los Angeles Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Los Angeles
Opening   Aug 22 Charlottesville Alamo Drafthouse Charlottesville
Opening   Aug 26 Saskatoon Broadway Theatre
Opening   Sep 29 Cornell Cinema Cornell Cinema
Opening   Oct 31 Cambridge Harvard Film Archive